Yoga Anatomy

Core Strength & the Lower Body


Core Strength & the Upper Body


Understanding & Developing a Resilient Core for vitality and postural strength What is the "core"? What structures, muscles, bones... are involved? How can we build a supple yet resilient "core" to counter the effects of our sedentary culture on our overall posture and vitality.

The first workshop, Core Strength & the Lower Body, addresses issues related to the lower body and how a targeted yoga practice can readjust, realign and strengthen your abdomen, lower back and legs.

The second workshopCore Strength & the Upper Body,  deals with the upper body and its issues such as collapsed chest, rounded shoulders and how they relate to the core, hip flexors and abdominals. We show adjustments, carefully selected stretches and yoga postures to realign the upper body and help develop a stable and resilient core. 

Click on the button COMPLETED WORKSHOP CONTENT to download the PDF of the workshop for people who attended the workshop. Password required.

Both workshops complement each other for a fuller understanding of the anatomy of the "core" and its importance for maintaining a healthy posture and overall vitality and strength.
All props provided, come to practice in yoga clothing.  All levels of yoga welcome.

It was so GREAT. You did such a fabulous job in teaching Core Strength and the Lower Body. The information was clear and to the point, but best of all was your use of your own body in bringing alive the muscular and structural information. Such a beneficial workshop. I think it really sparked a high level of awareness and curiosity in all of us. We all are so blessed to benefit from all your time and effort. It is greatly appreciated and makes our Yoga life so much deeper and fulfilling.
You are exceptional and the spirit and enthusiasm you bring to your work is contagious.
— Susan B.

For years my friends have said “take yoga”. Each time I tried, it seemed like a series of difficult exercises and poses. It wasn’t until I took a class from Vesna that I felt a mind, body, and heart connection and learned to relax and breathe. I learned how to do slow, focused stretches and postures the right way and begin to improve my mobility, balance and strength. The time we spend together is very special to me. I look forward to my classes.
— Carol R.