I have practiced yoga with Vesna for over 10 years. Her classes are a staple in my life. A beautiful and caring professional.
— Nancy M.
“ Vesna’s classes keep me healthy, flexible and strong. Vesna is a true teacher. She explains the asanas and their purpose well and provides alternatives for students who need them. She is a natural teacher. She wants her students to benefit from yoga. She is gentle and challenging at the same time. “
— Janet H.

Dynamic Gentle Yoga

Thursdays in season
11 am – 12:30 pm

This class is ideal for a gentler workout as it is designed to be a fine blend between gentler alignment-based practice and revitalizing yoga flows. We’ll make sure to prepare your body through carefully designed and targeted stretches & postures, so the flows, such as modified sun salutations and moon flows, or other inspiring combinations of poses, are safe, fun and invigorating. A restful deep relaxation at the end of class will prepare you to move back to your day fully refreshed. A great additional class for Gentle Mixed levels or Gentle Experienced .

Gentle/Restorative Yoga

11 am – 12:30 pm

Intended for people who are newer to yoga or who wish to review yoga poses before moving to higher-level classes in our program. It is also a choice of class if you are nursing an injury or a chronic ailment. The pace is slower but you will be building on strength, stamina, and flexibility in a steady but careful way. The class includes stretches, core-strengthening exercises, and a range of foundation poses: standing, balancing, seated and supine. Each class includes a breathing practice, several restorative poses and a full deep relaxation. Rediscover the joy of feeling strong, balanced and relaxed!

Gentle Mixed Levels

Mondays & Wednesdays
3:30 pm – 5 pm

Designed for those who are familiar with alignment-based hatha yoga and are willing to explore a variety of poses from the yoga tradition. The class builds from Gentle Yoga postures to include further asanas chosen for their effect on increasing strength, stamina and flexibility. Postures are presented progressively and at different levels. Modifications are always included to help you practice safely adapting them to your own level. Some classes will include flow of postures. Each class incorporates a breathing practice, a short meditation and restorative or deep relaxation poses.

Gentle Yoga Experienced

11 am – 12:30 pm

For a more experienced student, we explore additional sets of postures built from Mixed Levels and progressively include more complex variations. A good understanding of alignment-based yoga is recommended and a consultation with the instructor strongly advised. In addition to practice of poses, classes include a flow of poses, pranayama, meditation and a restorative or deep relaxation poses.



Vesna is endlessly gentle, kind, devoted, and committed to each and every one of her students individually, and to her classes as a whole. She is ever mindful of where we are, our injuries and weaknesses, but always encourages us to progress, get stronger, and do all that we can do. I’ve never seen her discourage anyone from pushing ahead, even as she modifies postures to accommodate what our bodies are capable of doing. Perhaps her greatest gift for me is the sweet sound of her voice, which relaxes me and brings me effortlessly to the state of yoga bliss I experience in her class.
— Marsha N.

How to Register

For class fees and registration, please refer to the class schedule.