Registration for the Late Fall session is open! Come to join us!

Late Fall 2017:  October 30 - December 7

Fall ! Time for a revitalizing and balanced practice !
In the Late Fall session, we are getting back to a fuller schedule bringing back the Dynamic Yoga Thursday class at 11 am. We'll keep our Tuesday 11 am as a Gentle
stretching and strengthening practice with a Restorative portion to relax fully. In all our classes, we'll work on a strengthening standing practice, while keeping our core and upper body strong and supportive. Every class will include balancing poses, to keep us grounded and open! We'll finish with quieting forward bends and a deep relaxation. Over our 6-week session, we'll develop flexibility, strength, and ease in the poses that we introduce and prepare progressively.

NEW CLIENTS are welcome, please contact in advance for a free private consultation.

Vesna brings Yoga to life through a depth of knowledge in both Yoga tradition and anatomy and physiology. She is loving, gentle and so wise, infusing her classes with a deep commitment to your growth and healing and offering an insightful and inspirational reading each session that always seems to hit the mark and grounds the yoga practice in everyday life. She offers her well-designed “Gentle” series in ways that make Yoga accessible to all, strengthening different areas of the body with each progressive 6-week session. But always an attention to your core area from which our grounding strength and energy emerges. Yoga with Vesna helps you grow ‘young’ and it is all done with her enchanting sense of humor and light heart. My yoga mat has found a permanent home at Yoga with Vesna.
— Susan B

Vesna in Triangle Pose, Early Fall 2017


Classes are held at the Alive With Yoga studio in the South Trail mall, just north of Robb & Stucky. 
Contact us at 941-320-4754 for more information.