Yoga with Vesna

Welcome to new clients

You are invited to come in to experience the benefits of yoga in a class of your choice! Just contact me in advance to reserve your spot. Plan for a short consultation before class and bring a completed Health form.
New clients $10 off for drop-ins or a full Early Fall session.

New! Gentle Dynamic Yoga

Coming up on Thursdays, 11 am – 12:30 pm
starts in the Early Fall session, October 3 - November 10, 2016
New clients $10 off in all classes, register early to reserve your spot! 

Offered by popular demand, this class is a fine blend of gentle alignment-based classes and revitalizing yoga flows. We’ll make sure to prepare your body through carefully designed and targeted stretches & postures, so the flows, such as modified "sun salutations," "moon flows," or other inspiring combinations of poses, are safe, fun and invigorating. A restful deep relaxation at the end of class will prepare you to move back to your day fully refreshed. Designed for Gentle Experienced, Gentle Mixed levels, or regular yoga practitioners looking for a safe fun practice.
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Late Summer Session 2016

August 22 – September 28

Entering the end of summer,  we'll practice a potpourri of poses to keep us strong and stretched and prepare for a cooler Fall. Grounding standing and balancing postures will be accompanied by invigorating twists and gentle backbends. We'll quiet our bodies in carefully aligned forward bends to prepare for deep relaxation. Our goal is to continue to develop resilience, openness and balance in our best postural alignment.

What you say:

Vesna brings Yoga to life through a depth of knowledge in both Yoga tradition and anatomy and physiology. She is loving, gentle and so wise, infusing her classes with a deep commitment to your growth and healing and offering an insightful and inspirational reading each session that always seems to hit the mark and grounds the yoga practice in everyday life. ”  —Susan B.

Vesna in Triangle Pose, summer 2016

Vesna in Triangle Pose, summer 2016


Blissful in Bali, a Journey Inside Out

May 7 – 18,  2017

A dream come true! We have designed a yoga & meditation retreat while exploring the unique culture and natural beauty of Bali and Lombok! Vesna and her niece Jelena will offer morning yoga & meditation before our daily adventures and evening relaxation & meditation for a restful night. We also have the great privilege to be accompanied in our explorations by RetreaTours® owners and world explorers BJ and Lauren. Group limited to 14 participants, sign up early.

For the fully itinerary, pricing and much more, visit our page on RetreaTours.

Let our Blissful Journey Inside Out begin...
Click on each image for a preview slide show! Photo courtesy RetreaTours®

About our practice

We practice in a friendly setting that fosters community and sharing. We offer a safe, alignment-based gentle yoga, adapted to your level. Our mission is to help you develop your practice progressively and safely over time at different levels, starting with Gentle Yoga, then Gentle Mixed Levels and finally, when you are ready, Gentle Yoga Experienced. We teach over 6-week sessions.
We also offer a variety of workshops and private instruction tailored to your needs.


Classes are held at the Alive With Yoga studio in the South Trail mall, just north of Robb & Stucky. 
Contact us at 941-320-4754 for more information.


Gentle Revitalizing Yoga Practice DVD

Enjoy a gentle Yoga practice in a beautiful Florida garden, with upper and lower body stretches and strengthening poses to prepare you for a sequence of standing and balancing postures followed for a deep relaxation. Four 20-25 min segments.
90 minutes.   $24.00